Winterization and End of Season Service for Your Harley-Davidson Motorcycle

After a season of riding your Harley, prepping and storing your motorcycle properly is critical for adding longer life, more reliability, and better performance. Get your ride ready for winter storage at Clutch & Throttle at the end of this season.

Don’t neglect your bike by letting it sit for months as debris and dirt can get into the internal parts. Dirt may be suspended in the oil and fluids of your ride and will settle in critical areas during storage. Clutch & Throttle can help.

Take advantage of our “End of The Season” services or stop by and grab items necessary to “do it yourself” the right way.

We Have Battery Tenders and 2-Part Fuel Stabilizer in Stock!

Clutch & Throttle also offers Safety Inspections, Oil Changes, Motorcycle Tires, Oil Filters, Fuel Injection System Cleaner, and other certified Harley-Davidson service and repairs.

Harley-Davidson 5000- and 10,000-Mile Certified Service with Added Value

Harley-Davidson motorcycle ready for winter in Detroit. Harley-Davidson Maintenance Schedule Includes:

(May vary depending on model)

  • Change Engine Oil and Replace Oil Filter
  • Check Oil Lines and Brake Systems
  • Inspect Air Cleaner, and Clean If Needed
  • Check Tire Pressure
  • Inspect Tires for Wear and Damage
  • Check Spokes (if applicable)
  • Change Primary Fluid
  • Change Transmission Fluid
  • Check Clutch and Adjust If Needed
  • Inspect Drive Belt or Chain (Final Drive)
  • Check and Lube Hand Controls
  • Inspect and Lube Jiffy Stands

Harley-Davidson motorcycles getting winterized for Michigan weather. NOW OFFERING SCHEDULED DELIVERY AND PICKUP

  • Inspect Fuel Lines and Fittings
  • Inspect Brake Fluid
  • Inspect Brake Hardware
  • Replace Spark Plugs
  • Check All Electrical Switch Operations
  • Lubricate Steering Head Bearings If Needed
  • Check Rear Suspension Air Pressure (If Applicable)
  • Check All Critical Fasteners and Tighten to Proper Tension If Necessary
  • Check Battery Terminals and Condition
  • Check and Inspect Exhaust System, Exhaust Fasteners and Hardware

In addition, Clutch & Throttle has in-stock battery tenders, 2-part BG products stabilizer in-stock, in-stock motorcycle clothing, in-stock motorcycle helmets and more!

Schedule Today for Winter Storage/End of Season Service Before You Store Your Bike! We Have Everything Your Need In-Stock

Many Harley-Davidson riders like you can seriously push the limits of their ride withing the season, so do not neglect to Properly prepare your bike for storage during the off-season.

At clutch & Throttle we have put together a list of must-haves for proper good preparation of your motorcycle for the Winter months, or before a long-term storage. Please see below:

  1. Fill Up Your Gas Tank
  2. Use a Good Battery Tender
  3. Change the Oil and Oil Filter
  4. Add 2-Part Fuel Stabilizer
  5. Check Coolant/Anti-freeze
  6. Properly and Thoroughly Wash Your Bike
  7. Plug the Exhaust
  8. Place Your Motorcycle on a Rubber Mat
  9. Cover the entire Motorcycle to Keep it Clean
  10. Use a Good Theft Protection Device