Unisex Motorcycle Clothing

Motorcycle apparel inside Clutch & Throttle motorcycle shop. Modern Motorcycle clothing and great for men and women

Savvy riders know that their apparel is not only vital to safety while riding, but also makes a statement about them and their passion. Just as each rider is unique, so should be your clothing.

We offer a variety of both men’s and women’s motorcycle apparel to fit any style. From fashionable to classic, our performance and casual apparel is displayed right in our showroom, so you can see, feel and try on before buying.

Whether you’re looking for a motorcycle jacket made from the highest-quality material, biker chic shirts and sweatshirts in a variety of prints and styles, protective jeans and raw denim, trendy pieces cut specifically for a woman’s frame, Kevlar vests and jackets, and emerging styles that look great both on and off your bike, we can help keep you safe and stylish.

Choose from a variety of motorcycle apparel manufactures for men and women that includes:

  • Tobacco Motowear Company
  • First Mfg. Company
  • Motorcycle Specific Clothing for Men and Women
  • In-stock and Special Order

Just like you and the bike you ride, our motorcycle apparel is durable, built for protection and cutting-edge.

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